Ontario residents who wish to preserve their fertility for medical reasons can access government-funded treatment. Cancer treatment (such as radiation therapy or chemotherapy), reproductive organ surgery or treatments that impact hormone production, are all valid medical reasons to freeze sperm or egg samples to be used later in either artificial insemination or in-vitro fertilization. You can learn more about government-funded coverage by visiting the Government of Ontario website.


For those who wish to preserve their fertility for non-medical (elective) reasons, visit our Elective Egg Freezing section for more information.

Available Options to Preserve Fertility

Egg cryopreservation 
The freezing of eggs until you are ready to attempt pregnancy requires approximately two weeks of hormonal stimulation with injectable medication, and a ten minute procedure to extract eggs from the ovaries through the vaginal canal under local anesthesia. The eggs are frozen long-term until you are ready to conceive.


Embryo cryopreservation
The freezing of embryos until you are ready to attempt pregnancy requires the same stimulation as egg cryopreservation, but after the eggs are extracted, they are fertilized by partner or donor sperm to create embryos that are then frozen long-term.


Ovarian tissue cryopreservation*
The removal of part of the ovary or one whole ovary in order to freeze for future use is an experimental procedure that requires a laparoscopic (minimally-invasive procedure) under general anesthesia. You can generally start cancer treatment the next day. Once pregnancy is desired, the ovarian tissue is transplanted back onto or near the ovary and pregnancy is attempted naturally or through assisted reproductive techniques.

*Not available at Waterloo clinic location.


Sperm Freezing
You have the option of conserving sperm in a bank in case you cannot produce viable spermatozoa during or after medical treatment. In order to improve sperm viability, plan to produce three semen samples (on average) and practice sexual abstinence for two to five days prior to producing each sample.

You Have Options

A difficult medical diagnosis does not have to ruin your dreams of having a family. Our fertility experts can help. Schedule an appointment to discuss your options today.


Egg Freezing for Non-Medical Reasons

Have the freedom to set the right time to become a parent, on your own terms. The Generation Fertility team is experienced in elective egg freezing, a service that empowers you to choose if and when you start parenthood.

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