R.K.'s Story

I had consultation with the fertility specialist, he saw my reports and said you will walk out of this building one day PREGNANT! Here I am today with a beautiful smart baby girl, her name is Aliyah. So grateful for him and the clinic and staff.
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B.S.'s Story

I met the fertility specialist at the clinic in the winter of 2021, we had already been to a local clinic in our home city, but with no luck we decided to start our journey at Generation Fertility. From day one the nurses and doctors we met during our transfers were caring and supportive. We appreciated the doctor's straight to the point attitude towards our fertility treatments as we did not want any beating around the bush of what we needed to do to have our baby.
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K.E.'s Story

My husband and I cannot thank the team at Generation Fertility enough for making our dreams of having a family come true. We really felt supported during both the difficult and the joyous times. We welcomed our miracle this past summer and look forward to spending our first holiday season together as a family. Thanks again to the team.
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L.A.'s Story

When my husband and I decided we wanted to start a family, we thought it would come easy. You know, you want a baby, you get pregnant after a couple months and you have a baby. Unfortunately, it was not so simple for us. After months and months of tracking ovulation, buying every TTC gadget under the sun, trying to just be spontaneous and “stop stressing” as everyone says, we decided it was time to get help and we were referred to this clinic.
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J.D.'s Story

Magical doesn’t even begin to describe what it’s like to be carry this miracle baby. Today is world IVF day and if anything deserves a shout out it’s the process of IVF and my fabulous team of helpers at @generationfertilityclinic . 43 years ago the ever IVF baby was conceived and here I am today forever thankful.
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L.W.’s Story

For some, making a baby is quick and easy and fun! For others it involves cycle monitoring, daily self-injections and the dreaded two week wait. Some people decide to get pregnant and conceive within a few months of trying. Others have to go through painful procedures and terrible heart aches for years; working towards something they can only hope will one day happen for them.
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G.R.'s Story

September 2021 (from Google Reviews)

This centre is nothing but amazing!! The staff here is incredible. They want to help and educate you as much as possible. They never made me feel like a bother and that’s how a doctors office should be. This place is a PERFECT example of healthcare workers and how they work with their patients.
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T.L.'s Story

August 2021 (from Google Reviews)

I was apprehensive when I was first referred here because my experience at another clinic made me feel confused, ashamed and I was left with so many unanswered questions at every appointment. I wasn't sure if I would be walking into the same experience with Generation Fertility. I definitely did not.
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M.L.’s Story

September 2020 (from Google Reviews)

So far we've had amazing experiences over the past year at both Vaughan and Newmarket locations. The doctor has been nothing short of fantastic, informative and compassionate. Being undiagnosed and not taken seriously for years came to an end at this clinic. We have not yet been successful in maintaining pregnancy, but we have a great team here and we're very happy.
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K.J.’s Story

April 2019 (from Google Reviews)

My husband and I had been trying to get pregnant for 3 years when our doctor referred us to this clinic. Via testing they determined that I had hypothyroidism and was not ovulating regularly. Once my thyroid became regulated with medication, we completed an IUI and got pregnant our first round. I just gave birth to our precious daughter a few days ago. Thank you for helping us through our infertility journey!
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J.D.’s Story

Sept 2018 (from Google Reviews)

This is an amazing fertility clinic! The doctor was great, as were all the staff – always supportive, pleasant, friendly and helpful. I found the doctors were honest and realistic about all recommendations. All the testing and treatments were explained in detail, and the pros and cons were reviewed in depth. We ended up getting pregnant and are expecting next month! Our heartfelt gratitude to a wonderful clinic and staff for helping us achieve our dream of having a family after trying for 3 years. Highly recommend this clinic.
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