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Does your company cover fertility treatment services?
April 27, 2022
Generation Fertility Team

Dental visits, acupuncture and glasses are the typical health and wellness benefits we expect from our employers. Today company plans are evolving to include fertility. This change is good news for you and for your employer too.


So what services do employee fertility benefits cover? Group benefits that help cover treatments such as in-vitro fertilization (IVF), intrauterine insemination (IUI), surrogacy and adoption costs, plus fertility drug coverage. Of course, they may vary from plan to plan.


85% of benefit plans that cover fertility-related issues have lifetime maximums for fertility services and treatments, ranging from $2,400 to $18,000


When you choose to become a parent, you face a lot of firsts. The journey can take time, energy and there are real costs. Employers are recognizing the realities and stepping up with support. Already, many forward-thinking companies, maybe even yours have added fertility and reproductive treatments to their plans.

Companies offering fertility treatment coverage:

    • Fidelity Canada
      IVF subsidy up to $15,000 

    • Pinterest
      20 weeks' bonding leave, IVG coverage, egg freezing

    • TD
      $20,000 for fertility and reproductive treatments, support for surrogacy or donor costs

    • TELUS
      $15,000 for fertility benefits for both treatment procedures and drugs

    • Starbucks
      $25,000 for all medical treatment for infertility

    • League
      $5,000 toward IVF or other similar fertility treatment

    • Scotiabank
      Expanding coverage to include fertility treatment and surrogacy support

    • Manulife
      Up to $20,000 for surrogacy support and fertility medication


Other leading companies such as Facebook, CIBC, BMO, Apple (Canada), Canadian Tire, Loblaws, SunLife, North York General Hospital, Jacobs, Ford Canada and more also offer employee benefits covering fertility treatment and services. 


Wondering if your employer covers fertility services? Check your benefits plan or ask your HR lead. They can bring you up to speed on the benefits of your current package and what fertility services are covered.


Generation Fertility is a clinic that offers services covered by employee benefits. As a top-rated fertility and IVF clinic with convenient locations in Vaughan and Newmarket, they provide a caring and personalized approach from infertility diagnosis to providing the right fertility treatment plan.

Generation Fertility services and fertility treatments covered by benefits:

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