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Generation Fertility:

Your best choice for a fertility clinic near Windsor offering a personalized approach to your treatment.

Our team of top-rated fertility doctors provide innovative treatments for patients.

Welcome to Generation Fertility Waterloo near Windsor

Formerly known as KARMA IVF

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  • At the Generation Fertility Waterloo Clinic located near Windsor, we take pride in delivering exceptional fertility care to a diverse and dynamic community. We understand that the path to parenthood can be daunting, and our team is committed to making our patients feel at ease and supported throughout their journey.


    Located conveniently for those in the Windsor area, we provide a comprehensive range of fertility services, including in vitro fertilization (IVF), intrauterine insemination (IUI), and egg freezing among others. Our cutting-edge facilities and advanced technologies enable us to deliver the highest quality of care to our patients.


    You will be supported by our dedicated team at Generation Fertility Waterloo near Windsor to ensure your experience is a positive one.

Why Choose Us?

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    Innovative treatments for leading outcomes

    We are one of Canada’s leading fertility centres with some of the most successful rates of pregnancy.  With a state-of-the art laboratory and deeply experienced doctors, we can support the myriad paths to parenthood. Our advanced treatments include IVF, Preimplantation Genetic Testing (PGT-A), and freezing eggs. 

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    Support and care for the whole you

    Your overall wellness plays a significant role in your fertility. Our staff and doctors are committed to understanding your needs and providing a multidisciplinary approach to your care. Our clinical team will work with you to set your treatment plan, and our caring staff will help you access services to improve both your experience and your fertility outcomes. We aim to make our services entirely inclusive of gender and sexual diversity. 

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    Caring doctors and staff 

    Generation Fertility physicians have years of experience and insight to help guide you through your care options and treatment. You will be supported by our dedicated team of nurses, counselors, laboratory technicians, and other care staff to ensure your experience is a positive one. 

Meet Our Expert Fertility Doctors At Our Waterloo Location

Our dedicated team of fertility specialists will guide you through the best fertility options & treatments focused on your personal health & wellbeing.


Dr. Judy Campanaro


"The most rewarding is seeing patients have success; finally getting a positive result and taking home their baby. We love getting emails or cards with baby photos from patients, it really is such a tangible way to make a difference in someone's life."   Dr Judith Campanaro graduated from Queen's University School of Medicine in 1988 and completed her residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of Ottawa in 1993.   With a focus on reproductive medicine, Dr. Campanaro founded KARMA Fertility (now Generation Fertility, Waterloo) in 1999, opening the first full IVF lab in the Kitchener-Waterloo region. Proudly opening a new state-of-the-art facility in March 2021 serving Southwestern Ontario and providing treatment to over 1,200 patients every year. The practice comprises over 20 staff which includes physicians, nurses, laboratory/technolgists, and patient support.   Dr. Campanaro has an inclusive patient practice and welcomes individuals from all backgrounds. She is particularly passionate about treating endometrial concerns affecting fertility, immunology infertility, and recurrent pregnancy loss.   Dr Campanaro is originally from the Thousand Islands region and currently lives in Waterloo. She has two daughters. Her non-fertility passion is riding and breeding horses, specifically the Gypsy Vanner breed.  
Preservation Fertility
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Preserving Fertility

Individuals may choose to preserve their fertility for various reasons, generally for either medical or elective reasons.

Available Options to Preserve Fertility

Egg cryopreservation

The freezing of eggs until you are ready to attempt pregnancy requires approximately two weeks of hormonal stimulation with injectable medication, and a ten minute procedure to extract eggs from the ovaries through the vaginal canal under local anesthesia. The eggs are frozen long-term until you are ready to conceive.


Embryo cryopreservation

The freezing of embryos until you are ready to attempt pregnancy requires the same stimulation as egg cryopreservation, but after the eggs are extracted, they are fertilized by partner or donor sperm to create embryos that are then frozen long-term.


Sperm Freezing

You have the option of conserving sperm in a bank in case you cannot produce viable spermatozoa during or after medical treatment. In order to improve sperm viability, plan to produce three semen samples (on average) and practice sexual abstinence for two to five days prior to producing each sample.

Our Services & Fertility Treatments

From infertility diagnosis to providing the right fertility treatment plan, we are passionate about providing you with a personalized approach to help you increase your chances for a healthy conception.

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    Fertility Testing


    A fertility test is an important step to help you identify possible causes of infertility, readiness for conception and pregnancy, and potential treatment options.



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    Fertility Wellness


    Our team is committed to understanding your needs and providing services within your treatment plan to nurture your mind and body for optimal fertility.



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     In Vitro Fertilization


    For many patients, treatment at an IVF clinic maximizes the chance of conception and healthy pregnancy. After the IVF consultation, one of our experienced fertility doctors will walk you through every step of the journey.

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    Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)

    IUI or Artificial Insemination can be performed as a first-line treatment in scenarios where sperm is unavailable or the quality of the sperm is such that preparation may be beneficial.

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    Donor & Surrogacy Solutions

    We work seamlessly with third-party programs for patients who require a sperm donor, a surrogate, embryo donors, or egg donors. Our team is also experienced in reciprocal IVF which allows more than one partner to be intimately involved in the process.

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    Egg Freezing


    Egg freezing extends your biological clock which is your timeline for deciding if and when you become a parent by essentially locking in your fertility potential today.




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The Silletts

We are from out of town, so our drive to Generation Fertility, Waterloo (formerly KARMA Fertility) was about 1.5 hours each way — and I tell friends all the time that I would have driven double that time to experience the excellent care (and success!) we’ve had at Generation Fertility, Waterloo. We have been patients at a total of three IVF clinics and our experience with Dr. Campanaro and her team was by far the best. Infertility and IVF is a stressful, uncertain reality for anyone enduring it, and the Generation Fertility, Waterloo team understands this, and actually cares about the experience you have as a patient. This was just as important to me in the end as the actual success we had — which was creating multiple embryos AND we now have a three month old son who is the brightest light in our life. 


From start to finish, our journey was 3.5 years and we were actually with 2 different clinics before moving to Generation Fertility, Waterloo. After a year of trying to conceive on our own, our first set of tests revealed that we were struggling with male factor infertility (unknown causes and so much social stigma around the increasing issue that made us feel really alone for a long time). We learned that we wouldn’t be able to conceive a child naturally (or even in IUI procedures). IVF was our only option. The first two clinics we attended in our area didn’t give us a lot of hope that we’d be able to create an embryo with my husband’s sperm so we had to let go of our expectations and leave it in the hands of science (I often felt like a science experiment myself, undergoing all the stress of IVF with little sense of agency or empathy in the process). However, when we switched clinics for the second time to go to Generation Fertility in KW, our experience changed drastically for the better.


First of all, they blew us away by creating multiple embryos with my partner’s sperm— we couldn’t believe it, it honestly felt like a miracle! They always took the time to review and understand the nuances of our specific case. Through the ups and downs they were there with care and empathy, and hope for us! And maybe the best part — EXCELLENT COMMUNICATION (anyone on the IVF journey will quickly learn how important it is to feel heard, and well-informed, and the Generation Fertility, Waterloo team excelled at this, from reception to embryology to the medical team). Many of the nurses know me and my husband by name, and took really good care of us during egg and sperm retrieval, to embryo transfer and everything in between. I always felt like my questions were finally being answered well, and they made ME finally feel empowered, like I had a say in the procedures happening to my body. This is something that carried into the 20 weeks of pregnancy in which I was under their care. 


I wouldn’t trust my body or my precious embryos under the care of anyone else after being with Generation Fertility, Waterloo, they will be our IVF team for the remainder of our fertility journey. 


Thank you Generation Fertility, Waterloo team! 

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    Inclusion of all gender and sexually diverse people is an important value of Generation Fertility. We are continuously striving to create an environment of compassionate belonging where all of the 2SLGBTQIA+ community are supported, valued and respected.

    Generation Fertility, Vaughan and Newmarket is situated in the Territory and Treaty 13 lands of the Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation, the traditional territories of the Wendat, Haudeno-saunee and the Anishinaabe peoples, and treaty land of the Williams Treaties First Nations and other Indigenous people.


    Generation Fertility, Waterloo is located on the traditional territory of the Attiwonderonk (Neutral), Haudenosaunee, Anishinabewaki, and Mississauga peoples. We honour their stewardship of this land since time immemorial.

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