The Importance of Assessment

While trying to predict the cost of your treatments can add to the uncertainty many aspiring parents face, our guidance is to first become better informed through consultation and assessment, which typically has no out-of-pocket cost. Through consultation and assessment, the Generation Fertility team aims to provide you with the most accurate information we can so that you can make an informed financial decision regarding your treatment options. 


Circumstantial Cost Discrepancies

While some patients may have a fertility issue that is quickly resolved at minimal cost, other patients may have extensive issues which can be more costly. 


For example, if we assess that your fertility issues are related to PCOS or TSH levels, the treatment would likely be medication-oriented and incur a negligible cost. On the other hand, in cases where IVF treatment is the best chance of success, it is common for patients to undergo 2-3 rounds of treatment. Some individuals will need fewer rounds and some will need many more rounds in order to achieve a healthy pregnancy.


The best way for us to give you an accurate idea of what your treatment plan will cost is to schedule a consultation so that we may fully evaluate your fertility needs.


Government-Funded Fertility

Healthcare coverage for infertility treatment varies considerably by each province in Canada. The Ontario government currently offers coverage for a single In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) cycle per patient, per lifetime. Generation Fertility has been officially approved by the Ontario Ministry of Health to provide these government-funded fertility treatments.


It is important to review your treatment plan and the corresponding costs against the government-funded Fertility Program coverage. Our financial counselor can help answer any questions you may have regarding your treatment costs or government coverage.


Due to constraints on the government-funded program, there is typically a waitlist in order to receive treatment. If you're able to cover the costs through other means, it may drastically reduce the time it takes for you to receive treatment. Please speak with our team to learn more about the government-funded fertility treatment wait times and ways to access treatment more quickly through alternate payment options.

Government-Funded Fertility Treatments

To view a complete list of Government-funded fertility treatments, please visit the Ontario Government website below

Costs Related to Assisted Reproduction

While there are variations in procedures used as part of IVF, one round of IVF treatments typically costs approximately $11,000. Our team may also recommend innovative services that will enhance your fertility outcomes. Some of these services, such as PGT-A and ERA, will incur additional costs. 


Ontario residents are covered by the Ontario Government for as many rounds of IUI as they require. Fertility preservation for medical reasons, such as a cancer diagnosis, is also completely covered. 


For a more detailed cost breakdown, please visit our Pricing page.


While it’s difficult to estimate the cost of fertility treatments upfront, below are some rough estimates of what you can expect to pay for certain types of treatments.


Typically no cost

Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)

Funded for Ontario residents

In Vitro Fertilization (per cycle)

One cycle may be funded for Ontario residents

Approx. $11,000 per cycle for those choosing to cover costs out-of-pocket

Pre-Implantation Genetic Testing (PGT-A)

Approx. $2,000-5,000

Elective Egg Freezing

Approx. $8,000

Please be aware that these are general estimates only and cost largely varies based on individual fertility treatment journeys. Detailed price lists of our services can be found at the link below.

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